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Quant Pip FX Markets provide essential information and free resources for client’s trading activity. Realtime Data, Economic calendar, market data and other free resources can be helpful reference to understand the market.
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Realtime Charts

Get up-to-date the latest market price of currency pairs. You can monitor the realtime chart and find historical movement of currency rates and use it for technical analysis to estimate future movement of currency pairs.

What is Chart Analysis?

Chart analysis examines the historical movement of the chart. If the chart shows EUR/USD, analysis is to examine the movement of EUR/USD. Many experts from various sectors of financial market use chart for technical analysis. Considering the FX market is the largest one, there are large number of analysts, traders or brokers monitoring the market movement and participate in analysis. Analysis process can be manual, however, due to fast movements and volatility of currency rates, many prefer software analysis such as chart analysis done by computers.

There are many types of analysis. Forex analysis is highly dependent on the business or individual doing the trading and it can be technical, fundamental or based on sentiment.

Technical Analysis

This type of analysis relies on past price movement data, expecting certain patterns could repeat and they mostly analysis patterns and trends to predict future price movement. Manual analysis was popular but with fast growing IT industy, computer software based analysis tool is now used widely. Technical analysis is the most popular type of FX analysis and chart analysis is the one.

Fundamental Analysis

Fundamental analysis relies on current factors affecting economies of particular countries. Analysts look at related economic, financial, and other qualitative and quantitative factors for analysis. There are lots of factors examined during the process of fundamental analysis. Though it differs from industry to industry, usually the interest rates and monetary policy are considered the most important factors when making decisions on fundamental analysis.
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