Forex Economic CalendarWhat is an Economic calendar?

The Economic calendar is an efficient tool that contains up-to-date information about upcoming events in the financial industry. The data from the Economic news calendar helps traders to analyze the situation of Forex and make plans based on the information they get.
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Economic Calendar

Use economic calendar to monitor market moving events such as economic indicators and monetary policy decisions. Each economic indicators have their own strengths and though economic indicators have high probability of impacting the markets, however, the level of impact varies. There are lot of different types of economic indicators from lot of countries. Economic calendar makes it easy to monitor important economic indicators or monetary policy decisions that would impact the market.

Economic Indicator

Economic indicators allow investors to analyse the economic performance of country or region. Data of economic indicators are not just limited to past data but also provide forecast data. Economic indicators are usually of macroeconomic scale. As most of the indicators have scheduled release date, many of market participants refer to monitor the economic indicator release on their schduled release time. Economic indicators can be divided into categories as below.

Leading Indicators

These are indicators tend to change prior to large economic adjustments and used to predict future movement of economy. Interest rates, durable goods order report, stock market, yield curve, net business formations are widely monitored leading indicators.

Coincident Indicators

Coincident indicators tend to move in step with GDP, employment levels, retail sales and/or financial market trends such as interest rates and stock prices. Also referred as Concurrent indicators. Many policymakers and economists follow data from these indicators.

Lagging Indicators

Types of indicators which tend to change only after an economy has already change or has begun to follow a particular pattern or trend. Usually, lagging indicators trail behind by six months from the economic cycle. GNP, outstanding consumer/business loans, CPI, and unemployment rates are major lagging indicators.
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